Briefly revealing the history and pointing to the future for the critical and relevant works of Amos Rabbani, an up and coming artist on the verge of breaking through and taking his place amongst today's visionary artists. Amos, keenly followed by those he invited into his photographic realm has not always enjoyed such a well-lit path.

Most of us, as children, experience an event, or trauma, which colours the way we view the world around us.  For Amos, losing his father at the age of 5 had a profound effect on the way he viewed the world around him.  It was as if he was in a silent vacuum which set him aside. As a spectator of life’s arena full of emotions that needed to be expressed but without the words to do so.

Amos would stop and look, as if he had pressed the pause button in his life, and his eyes would become his lens and his voice.  Everything that caught his eye would bring him to a halt as he went deep into what was before him. 

As a child he was surprisingly resentful towards cameras and pictures due to a traumatic experience. 

In early adulthood his aspirations didn't lie in photography. Through life's hurdles and challenges as well as a singular focus, his artistic calling grew until it became dominant.

Amos, being a green artist in the middle of a world to capture, through years of difficult yet striving practice, acquired knowledge, produced work and broadened his understanding over the span of a decade.

How can I explain the glory of this mountain with its cathedral presence and deep shadow?  What lives have been lived on and around this mountain?  What is behind the joy in that mother’s smile?  Why is the pain etched on this old man’s face?  Why is this house full of shadows but the house next door seems bathed in a rosy glow?  And, most important of all, how do I tell the story?

Our lives are full of stories and we all express them in our own personal way.  Amos, one day picked up a camera and began to tell the story of all that was around him and a part of him.

Amos’ professional background was in graphic design and, with a photographic eye, aesthetics have been a staple of his work.  Whether Amos is capturing stand-alone images, documenting subjects through photo essays, or creating conceptual works, his images have a story behind them, are always inspiring, meaningful and resonating with their respective audiences.

Although not widely known, his works have already begun to garner attention.


What's his mission at the moment?

Amos is currently focusing on concluding a project he began in 2017. Being a sufferer and survivor of tormenting chronic pain, he is hoping to; "...bring awareness to the plight of those still suffering with it..." through his MA photography research project which is due to be completed by mid-2019.